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Electrical Diagnostics

Wiring in a modern truck carries more than just volts and amps to various components. Many of those wires also carry multiplexed signals with messages to and from various controllers on the truck. Multiplex communications and the sensors that produce them can be very sensitive to voltage and resistance. We’ve got the tools and experience to locate the root cause of these issues and repair them once and for all.

Computer Diagnostics

Modern vehicles are fitted with at least one onboard computer. The computer’s main function is to monitor and adjust the engine and transmission. Computer testing and diagnostics is an integral aspect to professional electronic work on modern cars. Computer diagnostics help find the root causes of major and potential automobile problems. At Kingdom Diesel & Fleet, we have state of the art computer diagnostics equipment such as digital code readers, pressure test kits, circuit testers, digital tachometers and more. Call 512-295-0031 or visit our auto shop in Buda, Texas 78610 for all your vehicle’s computer diagnostic needs.

Scheduled Maintenance & Quality Repairs

We’ll make sure you avoid costly repairs to your fleet with our preventative maintenance services. Timely tune-ups and oil changes are the secrets to a healthy engine. Our thorough inspection services will analyze your engine systems, mechanical systems, and electrical systems. We use state-of-the-art technologies and service techniques to service all of your vehicles. 

Don’t wait until you have a breakdown that prevents your business from operating at full strength. Our team keeps you two steps ahead of any performance issue. Normal wear-and-tear from excessive road travel will keep your vehicles from running properly. Expert diagnostic services and equipment make sure your fleet stays road-ready. Save time, money, and stress by visiting us today to start a maintenance service plan.

Fleet Preventative Maintenance
preventive maintenance program allows fleet managers to improve their overall uptime and reduce the costs associated with unplanned repairs, as well as extend the lifetime of the assets in their fleet. Here are a few components of a fleet preventive maintenance program:

– Inventory each asset in your fleet

  • Create a list, documenting each asset in your fleet that requires preventive maintenance. Include asset details such as year, make and model.

– Record the service history for each asset

  • By seeing what service has been performed historically, you can better prioritize upcoming maintenance needs. Create a system for documenting fleet-wide maintenance.

– Create a list of OEM-recommended maintenance tasks and intervals

– Create a PM calendar for each asset

  • Once you know what maintenance has been performed and what maintenance needs to be performed, create a maintenance calendar to anticipate vehicle downtime for each asset.

– Log odometer readings to anticipate maintenance needs

  • Track meter readings for all of the assets in your fleet in order to ensure that your assets are receiving the service they need, when they need it.